Competitive Dancer Problems
I've been perfecting my splits for a couple months now and I want to work up to a tilt and scorpion. I have a few stretches in mind that will help me with both but I wanted to know if you have any stretches to recommend that worked best for you.

If you do not have your split already, I suggest stretching on a heat blanket for long periods of time (like while watching tv or ding homework). This is especially effective for middle splits which will help with tilts. If you already have your splits, then I suggest over splits (elevate your front or back leg by putting it up on something like a chair). I also like wall-splits (do a split up against the wall and then keep walking the foot on the ground farther from the wall to get a better stretch). My absolute favorite is a thing called the ballet band. These are sold online. It is basically a large rubber band that you put your feet through when you are sitting in a split. The band will pull your legs up and back to stretch you. The ballet band has helped me soooooo much!

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Hi friends! Please help me out and vote for my studio, b.funk, on question 63! B.funk has won many national and regional competitions and is also the founder of the Monsters of Hip Hop dance convention! Thank you so much!,0,1211580.htmlpage

Gotta love girls who steal your entire solo (costume and all) and then show up to nationals with it

Lol don’t date a contemporary dancer. They have too many feelings.

No one should have dance the day after a convention.

No one should have dance the day after a convention.


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The third studio im considering: ive been there before and my other friend goes there But they dont have any teen classes and i really dont wanna be stuck with 8 year olds. My friend is in the competitive thingy she said i could easily be on competitive but idk! Could you tell me which studio you would go to as a dancer? Im so confused. Thanks for reading because it was rlly long!

Well the first studio is kinda out of the question considering you actually want to be able to take classes lol. I would say look into the second studio more and look into the third studio’s competitive team. Competition teams are such a great opportunity to make friendships that will last forever and become a stronger and more rounded dancer. If you’re still not sure after looking into both studios, then I would suggest taking a drop in class at each studio so you can feel out which place is a better fit for you. Glad I could help :)


Just another one of those days where all you want to do is take artsy dance photos of yourself.

love your blog! it's amazing! xx

Thanks boo